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Sensory stimulation in healthcare

This website is focused on MusiCure music, MusiCure Pillow and MusiCure Nature films, presented on our own specially developed Streaming Platform. The evidence based MusiCure Albums by Niels Eje can be purchased in our MusiCure webshop

More than 20 years of development and study of research results has made the basis for the creation of MusiCure, and the music is composed and produced on the evidence of direct patient experiences, and scientific studies carried out by independent researchers from several countries.

MusiCure Pillow is a handmade high quality product, with special focus on good sound and great resting comfort -developed and made as a 'healthy' and comfortable alternative to ear-plugs and headphones. The pillow is connectable to any audio device, and can also be delivered with an MP3 player or Bluetooth receiver, as well as with custom-made hygiene "hospital" covers.

Research and documentation of MusiCure's effect is thoroughly described in scientific articles and studies conducted by independent researchers, and published in international medical journals. 

Internationally published research articles with MusiCure


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