MusiCure 2 Equator
MusiCure 2 Equator
MusiCure 2 Equator
MusiCure 2 Equator
  • MusiCure 2 Equator
  • MusiCure 2 Equator
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MusiCure 2 Equator

MusiCure 2. Equator - Exotic and relaxing soundscapes inspired by the nature sceneries around the Equator
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MusiCure 'Equator' consists of tropical atmospheres based on nature sounds from the tropical Seychelles islands, and other impressions from travels around the globe following the equator.

Quiet bays on paradise islands, extensive tropical landscapes, exotic birds singing and traveling at sea - all elements of the sound-pictures on this album. It was a great inspiration for the composer to experience the magic of the tropics at close range during the recordings of nature sounds used in this production, many of which are recorded in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean: exotic birds, sea and jungle.
The ‘Equator’ album is well suited to inspire exotic imaginary journeys, for relaxation and supplemental treatment of depression and insomnia.

MusiCure 2. Equator

1.) Bird Island 18:04
2.) Equator 13:33
3.) Exotic Virtuoso 15:49
4.) Pacific 13:54
5.) Sea Shore 10:39

Total playing time:72:01

Niels Eje: Oboe & Keyboards
Berit Spælling: Harp
Inge Mulvad Eje: Cello
Ingrid Holck: Flute
Christophe Dejour: Guitar
Jacob Keiding: Horn 

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