May 2020

Recovery Patients at Odense University Hospital.

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Region of Southern Denmark Magazine "Healthy in the South" 

Text: Tine Gündvad Polat - Photo: Heidi Lundsgaard

The project with MusiCure nature films accompanied by MusiCure music for patients waking up after surgery at Odense University Hospital, has now involved over 300 patients and was able to ascertain a success rate of 98% according to the patients themselves. 94% of the nurses stated that it has a calming and relaxing effect on the patients.The procedure will now be standard in the departments where screens with the MusiCure music and nature films are currently installed in 6 beds, but several more screen installations will be added to the hospital ward.

Dorthe Hasfeldt-Hansen Clinical Nursing Researcher, PhD & Postdoc.
Anesthesiologically-Intensive Department V OUH and Ward Nurse Britt Darley

February 2020

Delirium Patients:

After publishing very positive results with MusiCure Pillow for delirium patients at two Danish hospitals, three other hospitals are now testing the pillow on the same patient group. 

All the projects with the pillow and delirium patients show positive results. According to the leading nurses conducting the procedures, it is found that the majority of patients come out of their delirium faster, use less medication, greater patient satisfaction are achieved, and valuable time and resources are made available for the staffSee Tv feature on Danish TV2 Lorry

December 2019

Waking up to music and nature
In the fall of 2019, at Odense University Hospital (OUH), tested MusiCure music and films with nature on patients who woke up after surgery, with very positive results. See feature that was brought as a sale in TV-Avisen and article on, December 2019 
Fald i søvn på operationsbordet - vågn op i skoven ("Fall asleep on the operating table - wake up in the forest") the hospital has tried to make awakening after surgery more relaxing with nature and music.

September 2018
Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) auditorium one - 27. September 18
Niels Eje was invited as keynote speaker at the Cardiology Nursing Symposium at Rigshospitalet, with the participation of nurses from the Capital Region and Region Zealand. Here, the latest research results and publications with MusiCure were presented .

August 2018
The MusiCure Pillow tested on demented citizens.
A comprehensive user survey of the MusiCure pillow and its effect on demented citizens was conducted in the spring of 2018 in Favrskov municipality, Central Jutland, Denmark. The purpose of the study was to test the use of the pillow and the music over a longer period of time and the results of the overall study are now published in a 20 page report, as well as in a brief user guide.

The test results was rated with five stars ***** out of five possible!

April 2018
Invited by the editor of the magazine "Health Research", Marianne Palm, Niels and inge Eje participated in the magazine's trade fair "Danish Health and Science Award" at DOCKEN in Copenhagen, and received a special award as the Bridge Builders of the Year for the creation of MusiCure. They were very proud of the rationale for the award, which says "an award to someone who makes a difference for sick people and who is at the same time bridging between different disciplines for the benefit of health". A big thank you to Marianne and the team behind Health Research!


Scandic Health LLC - our partner in the United States
We are proud to be a partner with Scandic Health LLC in the United States. The founder and CEO is Anne Taylor, who is an educated nurse from Denmark where she earned a Registered Nursing (RN) degree and a BSN from Copenhagen Nursing School. And since 2000 Anne has practiced nursing in the USA.
Based on positive personal experiences with MusiCure, she and her husband Clarence Taylor, established the company Scandic Health in 2015, with the overall purpose of introducing and implementing MusiCure music of nature films in the American hospitals.
With extraordinary energy and enthusiasm, Anne and Clarence have now succeeded in establishing agreements with several hospital chains in the USA, as well as with the cruise company Princess Cruises, which offers their passengers an 8-hour MusiCure sleeping program - and all their customers and clients use the Scandic Health's MusiCure service with great satisfaction.
The persistent work that Scandic Health does now benefits so many patients, in the form of less stress, anxiety, nervousness and a reduced use of medicine - so a big thank you to Anne and Clarence, as well as a warm invitation to visit their website:
Scandic Health LLC

Presentation by Niels Eje for Region Skaane in Malmö Sweden 2019:

Evidence-based intensive care units, with light and sound environment
Presentations in Sweden: Malmö, Göteborg og Stockholm 2018/2019, 

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Recovery ward at OUH - the patient's view while waking up after surgery

MusiCure Pilllow for patients with delirium



Danish Health and Science Award 2018


Anne Taylor CEO Founder and Nurse





Press archive about MusiCure and the research