MusiCure Stream is our online streaming service, which offers more than 35 hours of MusiCure music and nature films, available on 6 individual channels with evidence-based content. A subscription gives easy and quick access with personal 'username' and 'password' access codes, where all content can be streamed. unlimited.

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We offer both a 'Private subscription' for 1 user and an 'Institutional subscription' tailored to hospital wards, care centers and institutions. There is always a one month free trial and the price for a private subscription is EURO 14 per. month. The private subscription can be canceled at any time by email to
When creating an institutional subscription, a special price is offered based on which specific solution is established in the institution. Contact us for an offer.

The service is targeted at both hospitals, clinics, care centers, as well as independent therapists and private users, and thus addresses all who seek 'tools' to reduce and relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression, while also providing renewed inspiration and motivation through music and films with nature.

The MusiCure Streaming channels include:
1. MusiCure music channel - specially composed MusiCure programs with nature atmospheres.
2. Procedure channel - very specific and timed treatment programs with MusiCure.
3. MusiCure film channel with nature atmospheres from all over the world, without speech, and only with MusiCure music as background.
4. Mental stimulation, targeted to care centers and aimed at treatment of dementia
5. All original MusiCure CD albums
6. Night / Sleep channel - 8 hours of quiet MusiCure music for sleep and the sound of the ocean waves all night - where the waves are specially edited for deep rest and sleep.