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All original MusiCure contents is created by Inge and Niels Eje and developed on the basis of over 20 years of scientific research in the healthcare sector.

The MusiCure Stream subscription gives access to 6 different channels with specially produced programs - read more under 'Background' in the menu:
Music - Films with nature - Procedure programs - An 8 hour Night/sleep channel

Private user subscription:
This streaming service is aimed at both private users, independent therapists and clinics, and costs € 14 per month without bonding.
Access codes will be sent immediately per email when subscription is completed. The subscription can be terminated by using the link below "Cancel subscription / Contact" or by mail to

Healthcare Institution subscription:
MusiCure Stream subscription to Institutions, hospital wards and care centres is made as a special offer, specifically for the need of each hospital ward/institution.
Contact us for a price offer at or via our contact form