MusiCure Pillow with hygiene hospital cover and MP3/Bluetooth player

MusiCure Pillow with hygiene hospital cover and MP3/Bluetooth player

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Weight: 2 kg
MusiCure Pillow 'The Healthy way of Lisening'
This model is designed for use in hospitals and care centres

MusiCure Pillow is delivered with approved hospital hygiene cover and MP3 player with additional Bluetooth function, and a one-hour MusiCure relaxation program.

Due to extensive research, national VTV surveys and experience with general daily use in hospitals and care centers, the pillow is registered as a Class 1 medical device and CE marked in accordance with current EU standards.

This version of the pillow is developed especially for hospitals, Care Centers, clinics and nursing homes, as well as all other areas within the healthcare sector. In this web shop you can order the MusiCure pillow with approved hospital hygiene cover, supplied with a MP3/Bluetooth Player".
Payment can be made by credit card, or by using EAN number (for Danish public institutions).


Further information on the hygiene cover for healthcare professionals 

The special hospital hygiene cover is made of materials approved by the authorities for use in hospitals, clinics, care centres, etc. The backside of the pillow is protected by a semi-waterproof cover for shielding both zipper and cord. Material: 54% Polyester Coating 46% Polyurethane.The cover is very practical and can be applied by changing users and easily cleaned. It can also be washed at 95 degrees C, and the cover is fireproof according to current EU standards for fabric and pillow materials (BS 7175 Crib 5 - BS 6807 Crib 5).

MP3 player and MusiCure programe included

The MusiCure Pillow comes with an MP3/Bluetooth player that is very simple and easy to operate, as described in the supplied manual and Quick Guide. It contains a one-hour specially compiled MusiCure relaxation program. 
The player has a rechargeable battery built-in and an attached USB connector cable for recharging. The playing time is 15-16 hours per charging. To recharge the battery, simply plug the USB plug into a computer or certified mobile phone charger, and the player can be easily cleaned with the supplied disinfectant swabs. 

Product specifications for the pillow:
The MusiCure Pillow is made of high quality Visco Elastic Memory Foam, which ensures maximum comfort and optimal head and neck support. 

All materials contained in the pillow, as well as cover and cable are approved, and CE marked according to current EU standards, and the total product is registered and approved as a class 1 medical device. The pillow's built-in speakers are passive and require no power supply or batteries.
With the pillow comes a convenient travel and storage bag that effectively protects the pillow, and it is always recommended to store the pillow in the bag when not in use. 


Download MusiCure Pillow Brochure

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