MusiCure Pillow with MP3/Bluetooth player

MusiCure Pillow with MP3/Bluetooth player

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Model/Product no.: GFO 20166
Weight: 2 kg

Specially designed comfort memory-foam pillow with high quality built-in speaker cabinets - easily connectable to the MP3/Bluetooth Player included with the pillow, using the attached cable with mini-jack plug. 

This model is intended for private use. If the pillow is to be used in institutions or hospital departments, choose a model with hospital hygiene cover. When purchasing The MusiCure Pillow together with an MP3 Player, including Bluetooth function, you will receive a fully charged player containing a one-hour MusiCure relaxation program, ready to start playing in the pillow immediately!

The MP3/Bluetooth Player
The MP3 player has an internal rechargeable battery (USB cable included), with a playing time of 14-15 hours per charge. To recharge the battery, simply connect the player to your computer, or to a certified USB charger, with the included USB cable.
The MP3 player fits perfectly into the pocket on the side of the pillow - and included is also a thorough operational manual and Quick Guide for the MP3/Bluetooth Player.

Product specifications for the pillow

MusiCure Pillow is made of high quality Visco Elastic Memory Foam, ensuring maximum comfort and optimum head and neck support.
The standard version have two layers of cover, where the outer blue 100% cotton cover is removable and washable at 40 degrees C. The pillow’s built-in speakers are passive and require no power supply or batteries - all that is needed is to connect the player to the mini-jack plug on the cable attached to the pillow.

It comes with a convenient travel and storage bag that protects the pillow effectively, and it is always recommended to keep the pillow in your bag when not in use.

MusiCure Pillow has a wide range of different applications and purposes:
1. Lie down and listen to relaxing music through the pillow - or place the pillow in a high-backed chair
2. Use the pillow to calm down before, during and after treatment
3. Fall comfortably asleep with soothing music and sounds from the pillow
4. Watch TV with the pillow as your 'private' source of sound
5. Listen to audiobooks while resting comfortably
6. Use the pillow to relax after physical exercise, gymnastics, etc.
7. Bring along the pillow on travels and holidays
8. Connect the pillow to your mobile phone (on speaker)

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