MusiCure 7 Horizons

MusiCure 7 Horizons

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MusiCure 'Horizons' has extensive landscape perspectives and relaxing soundscapes with broad horizontal views as the overall theme - music experienced in ‘bird's eye perspective’.

The sense of the music’s flowing calmness has a relaxing and stress relieving effect. ‘Horizons’ features instrumental solos by Harp, Piano, Oboe, Cello, Violin and the special flute called ‘Low Whistle’. Through this musical voyage the listener experience vast forested hills, meadows, the ocean coast, and finally nocturnal atmospheres with a clear star speckled night sky – music to induce sleep.

MusiCure 7. Horizons
[1] Woodland Hills 17:07
[2] Horizon 06:43
[3] View Over… 14:16
[4] Lights in the Night 14:39
[5] Stars 11:10

Total playing time: 64:45

Niels Eje: Oboe & Keyboards
Berit Spælling: Harp
Hanne Mulvad: Piano
Inge Mulvad Eje: Cello
Poul Høxbro: Low Whistle
Kim Sjøgren: violin

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