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MusiCure 6 Waves - SOLD OUT

MusiCure 6 Waves - SOLD OUT

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MusiCure ‘Waves’ is a relaxing and calming voyage through musical worlds inspired by water in motion.

‘Waves’ presents compositions inspired by the water that surrounds us and the album has "water in motion" as the overall theme. Ocean waves on a beach, calm rivers and streams, and a quiet brook running through the forest are all sounds that have a soothing and relaxing effect on most people. Studies has shown that listening to the sounds of water in motion is one of the most effective ways to bring people in a state of calmness, and this way counter anxiety, depression and stress.

MusiCure 6. Waves
[1] The Coral Reef 10:45
[2] Ocean Echoes 8:30
[3] Upstream 12:30
[4] The Cave 17:45
[5] Forest Brook 16:00

Total playing time: 65:25

Niels Eje: Oboe & Keyboards
Berit Spælling: Harp
Hanne Mulvad: Piano
Inge Mulvad Eje: Cello

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