MusiCure Moonlight & Nature Meditation 2-CD

MusiCure Moonlight & Nature Meditation 2-CD

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MusiCure Moonlight and Nature Meditation
The album MusiCure 'MOONLIGHT & NATURE MEDITATION' consists of 2 CDs. The first features the 'Moonlight suite', which includes four linked compositions - all inspired by the moonlight at different times of the day. The second CD 'Nature Meditation' is a meditative journey in words and music where the narrator, in close harmony with the music, takes the listener on a journey into nature.

The four moods in the Moonlight suite describes both the magical moonlight of the night, pictures of dancing clouds in front of the moon in the evening, the Moon during daytime, and finally moonbeams penetrating the nocturnal forest, with night birds singing in the distance.
In 'Nature Meditation' the narrator's voice melts in with the music and introduces a new form of meditation, which describes a journey through landscapes of changing nature. The narrators are Thomas Eje (Danish) and Scott Farrell Strichen (English).

Disc 1: Moonlight Suite
1.) Tranquil Moonlight 11:21
2.) Dancing Clouds &The Moon 14:41
3.) Daytime Moon 10:48
4.) Moonbeams and Night Birds 17:04
Total playing time 53:54

1.) Nature Meditation (Danish) 15:40
2.) Nature Meditation (English) 15:40
3.) Nature Meditation (music only) 15:40
Total playing time 47:00

Nature Meditation narrated by Thomas Eje (Danish)
Nature Meditaion narrated by Scott Farrell Strichen (English)

Niels Eje: Oboe & Keyboards
Berit Spælling: Harp
Hanne Mulvad: Piano
Inge Mulvad Eje: Cello

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