MusiCure 9 Scandinavia - Sold out

MusiCure 9 Scandinavia - Sold out

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The music on 'Scandinavia' is a tribute to the Scandinavian nature, where the seasons change significantly and the light nights dominate the summer - with evocative birdsong from very early morning.

The purpose of this music is to be comforting, soothing and calming - and simultaneously inspiring, through the Scandinavian nature’s serenity, beauty and seasonal vitality.
In the North we experience the great contrasts through the seasons, with the magnificent Nordic light in the summertime, the feeling of freedom by the coasts and in the archipelago, the Norwegian mountains majesty and the magical atmosphere in the deep woods. The compositions on ‘Scandinavia’ is a series of relaxing soundscapes, which mediates both tranquility and adventure.

MusiCure 9. Scandinavia
1.) Forest Awakening 19:00
2.) Homecoming 9:50
3.) Skärgaard (Archipelago) 12:40
4.) North Star Dust 21:25

Total playing time: 62:25

Niels Eje: Oboe & Keyboards
Berit Spælling: Harp
Hanne Mulvad: Piano
Inge Mulvad Eje: Cello
Christophe Dejour: Guitar

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