About us

The creators of MusiCure, Inge and Niels Eje, with a background in the artist families Hagedorn-Olsen and Eje, are both educated as professional musicians from the Danish Academy of music, Inge as cellist and Niels as oboist. During the 1980s they were employed by the Copenhagen symphony orchestras, Niels as an alternate Principal Oboe in the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Inge as a cellist in Copenhagen Phil.

In 1990, they both chose to terminate their permanent positions in order to realize their own projects and visions, e.g. with the ensemble Trio Rococo, and other chamber music and soloist activities.

From 1998 and the following 20 years, they have focused on creating and producing the specially composed and evidence-based music ‘MusiCure’, as well as producing nature films with atmospheres from all over the world, carefully edited to the MusiCure music, and without speak. As innovative entrepreneurs, they have also developed the special 'MusiCure Pillow', with built-in speakers with high-quality sound, and established their own streaming service 'MusiCureStream'. The streaming platform is aimed at all branches of the healthcare sector, as well as for private users seeking soothing and inspirational stimulation in everyday life.

All MusiCure contents that has been created and made available since 1998 is based on the evidence and research with MusiCure that independent researchers from several countries have carried out, and the research results are currently published in international medical journals.

In 2003, the MusiCure music was released as a CD series exclusively at the pharmacies in Denmark and subsequently at the Norwegian pharmacies. MusiCure is thus the only music product approved in the pharmacy range because of the extensive documentation and evidence established over more than 20 years.

The creation of MusiCure has also led to several international awards for the founders, as well as invitations to give lectures in Denmark and abroad at conferences, symposia and events for professional practitioners in healthcare and treatment.

Partner in the US is the company Scandic Health LLC, who has introduced MusiCure music and film on several hospital chains in the US. The American cruise company Princess Cruises has also implemented a special MusiCure sleeping program for over 18 ships, through Scandic Health, which is managed by nurse Anne Taylor. See more about the company here: ScandicHealth LLC

Further information about the composer and an extended biography of Niels Eje: nielseje.dk

Awards and Events:

First Place Professional prize at ’The Blair Sadler Healing Arts Competition’,
under ’The Society for the Arts in Healthcare’, Nashville, USA, 2007.

Health & Science Award 2018 - årets 'brobyggere', Arr. Sund Forskning

Presentation at the Seventh Annual On Lok Sustainable Long-Term Care Conference: ”Social Prescriptions” September 16, 2014. Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF, San Francisco, USA.

Cardiac Nursing symposium september 2018
Keynote Speaker Niels Eje - Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) auditorium 1

Evidence-based intensive care units, with light and sound environment
Presentations in Sweden: Malmö, Göteborg og Stockholm 2018/2019, Arr.: Ecophon & Chromaviso

Awards and prices in Denmark:

”Janteknuser Kultur Prisen” Erhvervsfremme-styrelsen, 2001.

Egmont Fonden, three grants with support to create MusiCure and initiate Musica Humana Research 1998, 2000, 2003.



Keynote Speaker Composer Niels Eje, at the Cardiac Nursing symposium september 2018, at Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) auditorium 1 


Musicians and founders: Inge & Niels Eje - cellist and oboist


Receiving the award "Danish Health & Science Award 2018"

to Inge and Niels for 'building bridges' in Healthcare

Anne and Clarence Taylor from Scandic Health LLC

presenting MusiCure at NAMI National Convention in Washington DC


"First Price professional" award in the Blair Sadler Healing, 

Arts competition, under'The Society for Arts in Healthcare' USA, 2007

Inge and Niels Eje with Blair Sadler and Annette Ridenour.