Documentation of MusiCure’s effect

The published articles describing research studies using 

MusiCure as 'music medicine' and therapy shows:


• Significantly reduced feelings of stress, anxiety and pain 

• A decrease in use of medication and drugs (tranquilizers, morphine, sleeping pills, etc.)

• Lowering of the body’s production of hormone cortisol (stress hormone)

• Increase in production of hormone oxytocin ("peace/love hormone")

• Generally – an increased sense of calmness, well-being, motivation and inspiration.


 Research with MusiCure – Published articles overview PDF

• Healthcare Applications PDF

The research in the effect of the MusiCure music is performed with both ‘music groups’ and ‘control groups’ and include both quantitative and qualitative studies, subjective questionnaires and interviews, as well as purely physiological measurements on the patients.



Short Documentary about MusiCure and Research