To buy CD’s or pillows through us via the website, you must register the following personal information: name, address, email address, telephone number (optional), and credit card information (which is not visible to us, but only transmitted in encrypted form to PBS secure server - see more details under payment).

In the web shop you will find all the MusiCure CD’s released and all versions of the MusiCure Pillow, and when you have found the CD (or CDs) or pillow you want to buy, click on the icon “Add to basket”. You can do this on the specific product pages. Clicking the “Add to basket” icon will lead you to the “Basket” page, which has an overview of the purchases you have made. You can always remove an item from the basket by simply clicking “delete” or add new items by clicking “Continue shopping” – or click "proceed to check out” for finalizing the buy. “Check out” will initialize the final purchase procedure – just follow the instructions.

The ordered products will then be shipped directly to the delivery address you have specified. If you have any questions about our products (CDs or pillows) you are always welcome to contact us by mail:   All prices in the web shop are current prices incl. VAT and other taxes.

Notice: The registration of your personal informations is solely for the purpose of delivering the products safely to you. Personal information registered by Gefion Records ApS are stored for 5 years (5 years due to a demand from Danish accounting law) after which the data are deleted.