Trio Rococo

About Trio Rococo and videos
The ensemble Trio Rococo has with its unique combination of instruments: oboe, harp and cello, and extraordinary original repertoire, made a name for itself both at home and abroad.

It is especially within the so-called 'crossover' repertoire that Trio Rococo has presented originality and creativity through fusion of several music genres into a completely new and original expression. Composers with background in jazz and rock has also written music specifically for the trio, but it is primarily the trio's members themselves, who arrange and shape the repertoire.

With concert tours, TV and radio performances, recording of theater and film music, as well as a number of international award-winning CD releases, Trio Rococo has over the years distinguished itself as one of its time's most original and innovative ensembles.

The album "Classical Mystery Tour" (also named "Norwegian Wood" in USA and Japan) from 1994 was on the charts (Top 100) for over a year and received a Gold Award as the first "classic" ensemble ever in Denmark. This release was followed by the album "Friends", which contained arrangements of Brian Wilson's famous Beach Boys songs and songs by Paul Simon, along with several original compositions by Niels Eje. 

Since the mid-nineties did Trio Rococo also enter a close cooperation with the famous jazz Bass player Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (Oscar Peterson Trio), and in 1998 a tour around Denmark with Trio Rococo and NHØP was recorded and released as the album "In The Name Of Music".

Trio Rococo:

Niels Eje: Oboe
Berit Spælling: Harp
Inge Mulvad Eje: Cello



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