MusiCure Stream

Streaming MusiCure music, films and procedure programs developed and testet for healthcare

MusiCure streaming service - aimed at both hospital departments, clinics, care centers, independent therapists and private users.“MusiCure Stream" is MusiCure's new online service, using the latest streaming technology, which provides direct and unlimited access to more than 30 hours of MusiCure music and nature films.

A thorough test of the entire MusiCure streaming system was conducted in 2016/2017 at a major university hospital in Denmark with very positive results - see article about the whole test at OUH Svendborg (in Danish):

The service is aimed at anyone who seeks 'tools' to reduce and relieve stress, turmoil, insomnia and depression, and at the same time seek an opportunity to gain renewed inspiration and motivation through music and nature films.

The four MusiCure Streaming channels include
1. MusiCure music channel - specially composed MusiCure programs, including ‘breaks’ with nature atmospheres.
2. Procedure channel - specific treatment and measured procedure programs with MusiCure music for hospitals.
3. Nature film channel - Nature atmospheres from all over the world and only with MusiCure music.
4. Night/Sleep Channel - an 8 hour program with MusiCure music for dozing off and waking up, which are mixed with the sound ocean waves all night - where the waves are specially edited for deep rest and sleep.

MusiCure Stream Folder MusiCure_stream_folder


All 4 separate channels are available 24 hours a day through a subscription to Streaming MusiCure.
Our Streaming Service is aimed at both private users and independent therapists, as well as institutions and professional careers in all branches of the health and care sector in Europe.

We offer 2 types of subscriptions to Streaming MusiCure

Institutions subscription to hospitals, care centers and institutions (50 users) for 100 EURO ex. VAT per month)
The subscription can be used on all types of digital devices, such as Smart TV, PC/Mac, Smartphones and Tablets
Try MusiCure Streaming for free for a month!

Unlike other streaming services, an 'Institutions subscription' to 'MusiCureStream' allows many users (such as a hospital or care center) to stream the content simultaneously on all types of digital media.
We always offer 1 month free trial and the subscription can be terminated without binding for 'Private Subscription' and 6 months 'Institutions Subscription' notice.

We offer both a 'Private Subscription' for 1 user and an 'Institution Subscription' with up to 50 users at the same time. See more at:


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