Background and brief overview of research with MusiCure. For further information please see "Published Articles" and "Applications" under RESEARCH in the menu at this website

Background for MusiCure and documentation of the music's effect
More than 16 years of creative development and studies of clinical research, is the foundation of the creation of MusiCure and the music is today being used in a variety of different types of treatment and research projects in many countries.

The Musica Humana project
The creation of MusiCure stems from the interdisciplinary project 'Musica Humana', initiated in 1998 by Professor, MD Lars Heslet from the Copenhagen University Hospital together with composer Niels Eje. The basic idea behind the project was based on multi-disciplinary knowledge sharing and a collaboration between art and medical research, which also distinguishes this initiative from other research projects worldwide.
The Egmont Foundation's funding (1998-2003) of the project was primary given as support for the production of a specially composed original music program, aimed at improving the sound environment in the hospitals involved, particularly intensive care, cardiac and recovery wards. The Musica Humana group consisted mainly of professional healthcare staff and therapists from the Danish and Nordic University Hospitals, with chief physician Per Thorgaard, Aalborg Hospital, as chairman.

Internationally published research articles

Since 2003 independent researchers and healthcare professionals from a number of countries has carried out a series of clinical research studies with MusiCure.The results of these studies and controlled trials are currently published in a number of international medical journals, such as: Heart & Lung – The journal of Acute and Critical Care, European journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, Pediatric Anesthesia, and others. See complete list of articles here.

The published articles and research studies using MusiCure as 'music medicine' shows:

  • Significantly reduced feelings of stress, anxiety and pain
  • A decrease in use of medication and drugs (tranquilizers, morphine, sleeping pills, etc.)
  • Lowering of the body’s production of hormone cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Increase in production of hormone oxytocin ("peace/love hormone")
  • Generally – an increased sense of calmness, well-being, motivation and inspiration

The research in the effect of the MusiCure music is performed with both ‘music groups’ and ‘control groups’ and include both quantitative and qualitative studies, subjective questionnaires and interviews, as well as purely physiological measurements on the patients.

In 2007 MusiCure and composer Niels Eje, together with executive producer Inge Mulvad Eje, received the prestigious 1st prize at the Blair Sadler healing arts competition in Nashville, TN, USA. 

Read abstracts or full-text versions of the Internationally publishes articled here


MusiCure Documentary video


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