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Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen - Auditorium 1 - 27.09. 2018
Niels Eje was invited as keynote speaker at the Cardiological Nursing Symposium, with the participation of nurses from the Capital Region of Copenhagen and Region Zealand. Here, the latest research results were presented using his special composed MusiCure programs.

April 2018 - Danish Health and Science Award
Invited by entrepreneur and Editor of magazine Sund-Forskning (Healthy Research), Marianne Palm, Inge and I participated today in the magazine's trade fair “Danish Health and Science Award" at DOCKEN in Copenhagen, and received a special award as the year's Bridge-builders for the creation of MusiCure. We are very proud because of the reasons for the award, which says "a prize for someone who makes a difference for ill and hospitalized people and who is also building bridges between different disciplines for the benefit of health.” 

MusiCure presented at the NAMI National Convention in Washington D.C. by Scandic Health -June 2017

March 2017

International Published articles MusiCure - PDF document

Aug. 2015:  
THE LANCET - often described as one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world - has August 13. 2015 published a new review article focusing on how music can help patients reduce pain and anxiety during the postoperative period. The article "Music as an aid for postoperative recovery in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis" provides an interesting overview and insight into how music can improve recovery after surgical procedures.
The authors: Jenny Hole, Martin Hirsch, Elizabeth Ball, Catherine Meads has out of 4261 scientific studies chosen 72 previously published research projects describing randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of adult patients undergoing surgical procedures. They included selected RCTs in which any form of music initiated before, during, or after surgery was compared with standard care or other non-drug interventions.
Among the 72 chosen articles for review are 5 describing research with MusiCure, including articles by Nilsson, Fredriksson, Weeks, Gravesen and Sommer, previously published in European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, Journal of Clinical Nursing, Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, Heart & Lung – The journal of Acute and Critical Care and Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavia. Among the findings in this article are evidence showing that music could reduce postoperative pain, anxiety and increase patient satisfaction - read the complete article here.
The Lancet publishes original research articles, review articles ("seminars" and "reviews"), editorials, book reviews, correspondence, as well as news features and case reports. The Lancet has been owned by Elsevier since 1991 and the journal has editorial offices in London, New York, and Beijing.

July 2015:

Simultaneously with the launch of the new updated MusiCure website we also introduce new optional accessories to MusiCure Pillow:
Custom-made 'hospital hygiene covers' which can be disinfected and washed at 90 degrees(c). The material of the cover is approved by the healthcare authorities and fulfill all requirements for use in hospitals and clinics.
Bluetooth receiver (instead of MP3 player) with practical clip, to playback music wirelessly in the pillow. With the use of iPhone, iPad, computer or other digital device with Bluetooth, audio files can easily be transmitted and played Wirelessly directly to the pillow's speakers via Bluetooth.

MusiCure Pillow launched
In the fall of 2014 we introduced MusiCure's new specially designed and handmade 'music pillow', with high quality sound reproduction and great resting comfort - a 'healthy' alternative to headphones and earplugs: "MusiCure Pillow - The healthy way of listening! MusiCure Pillow is a specially designed comfortable 'memory foam' pillow with specially designed built-in speaker cabinets. 
See more about MusiCure Pillow here.

Conference 'On Lok' in San Francisco, USA
Composer Niels Eje was in 2014 invited to speak at the seventh annual "On Lok Sustainable Long-Term Care conference" with the theme "Social Prescriptions", which took place in autumn 14 at the Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF, San Francisco, USA.Together with researcher and nurse Birgit P. Weeks, RN, MSN, CCRN (Comfort & Healing Measures), they both spoke over the subject: "A Collaborative Approach of the Arts, Sciences, & Patient Preferences two Provide Comfort and Healing Environments in Elder Care.

Tonight show (Aftenshowet) on Danish DR 1 - Interview with Niels Eje about MusiCure

Selected articles from newspapers and magazines about MusiCure:


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