MusiCure Pillow

The MusiCure Pillow 'The healthy way of Listening' - developed specifically for hospitals and Care Centers, and all other areas in the healthcare sector.

Introducing Music Pillow, or Sound-Pillow, with high quality sound
MusiCure Pillow is a specially designed comfortable memory-foam pillow with particularly developed built-in speaker cabinets of high quality. The pillow is made especially for optimal personal and intense listening to the evidence-based MusiCure music, but also as a "healthy" alternative to earplugs and headphones, when listening to music in general.

MusiCure Pillow is registered as a class 1 Medical Device
Due to extensive published research, national VTV surveys and general experience with daily use in hospitals and Care Centers, the pillow is now registered as a Class 1 medical device and CE marking according to all applicable EU standards.

Handmade quality

The production of MusiCure Pillow is a unique entrepreneurial initiative with special attention on creating a comfortable and personal listening experience. The pillow is designed from scratch, with selected first-class materials imported from around the world, and each pillow is manufactured and assembled by hand in every step of the process by the team behind MusiCure in Denmark.

MusiCure Pillow is offered in two versions:

1. With cotton cover and MP3/Bluetooth Player – for private users.
2. With hospital approved hygiene cover and MP3/Bluetooth player – for use in hospitals and institutions.

The MP3/Bluetooth Player is a very simple and easy-to-use, that has a pre-recorded MusiCure relaxation program in just over an hour. The player is rechargeable with the included USB connector cable and can play for up to 15 hours on a charge. Using the Bluetooth stereo receiver function, it can be paired with e.g. smartphone, computer, or other devices that contain Bluetooth.

Product specifications for the pillow:

The MusiCure Pillow is made of high quality Visco Elastic Memory Foam, which ensures maximum comfort and optimal head and neck support.

There are two layers of cover where the outer cover is the hospital-approved "Techmaflex" hygiene cover, washable at 95 degrees C.

All materials contained in the pillow, as well as cover and cable are approved, and CE marked according to current EU standards, and the total product is registered and approved as a class 1 medical device.
With the pillow comes a convenient travel and storage bag that effectively protects the pillow, and it is always recommended to store the pillow in the bag when not in use.

A comprehensive VTV* user survey of the MusiCure pillow and its effect on demented citizens was carried out in the spring of 2018 in Favrskov municipality, Central Denmark Region. The purpose of the study was to test the use of the MusiCure pillow and the music over a longer period of time and the results of the overall study have now been published in a 20-page report, as well as in a concise user guide.
Read the report from Favrskov municipality here.

*Welfare Technology Evaluation

The MusiCure pillow is used with great satisfaction at many hospital departments throughout Scandinavia, as well as within psychiatry, and at nursing homes for the elderly and within dementia treatment.

The references include:

  • Psychiatry
  • Cardiology Laboratory (Cath Lab)
  • Oncology
  • Day surgery and Recovery
  • Epilepsy treatment
  • Pulmonary medicine outpatient clinic
  • Colonoscopy
  • Pain management
  • Delirium

  • Occupational therapy for children and adolescents
  • Elderly care, and dementia/Alzheimer's patients
  • Danish Refugee Council (traumatized refugees) and
  • Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims
  • CMR (mental robustness training for e.g. soldiers pasting

Download MusiCure Pillow_Folder

MusiCure Pillow has a wide range of different applications and purposes:

  • Lie down and listen to relaxing music through the pillow - or place the pillow in a high-backed chair
  • Use the pillow to calm down before, during and after treatment
  • Fall comfortably asleep with soothing music and sounds from the pillow
  • Watch TV with the pillow as your 'private' source of sound
  • Listen to audiobooks while resting comfortably
  • Use the pillow to relax after physical exercise, gymnastics, etc.
  • Bring along the pillow on travels and holidays
  • Connect the pillow to your mobile phone (on speaker)

A little history: Pillows with built-in speakers - an ideal solution for hospital patients.

The idea to playback music through speakers built into a pillow is not new. Over the past decades concepts referred to as: Audio Pillows, Sound Pillows, Music Pillows etc. has been presented on the market , and different solutions for achieving satisfactory sound has been tested. But in spite of the vision of the ideal distribution of music to patients, the problem of combining speakers with sound-absorbing materials (like pillows typically consists of) has been difficult to solve, and the sound quality was not always optimal. Research with different music-pillow models have already been carried out through more than a decade and this research has already shown promising positive results, but only now, with the development of the specially designed speaker cabinets used in MusiCure Pillow has the audio pillow concept achieved full capacity, both in terms of the overall good sound quality and a sufficient frequency range when playing.


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