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Sensory stimulation in healthcare

The original composed music, the film productions and the MusiCure pillow are all created specifically for healthcare by the composer Niels Eje and producer Inge Mulvad Eje. More than 20 years of creative development, on a foundation of clinical research, implemented and published in 22 International Medical Journals by independent researchers. 

Every reference to music interventions in the listed research projects have been completed with MusiCure. All MusiCure products are unique original material on a worldwide scale, no other music or films has previously been created on this evidence-based foundation.

Internationally Published Articles-Overview

This website is focused on MusiCure music, MusiCure Pillow and MusiCure Nature films, presented on our own specially developed Streaming Platform for healthcare. The evidence based MusiCure Albums and pillows by Niels Eje can be purchased in our MusiCure webshop




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